I’m not your man

How much do you charge?

I never compete on price, so if you’re looking for a cheap accountant I am most definitely not your man.

I prefer to win new accountancy clients by offering and providing a high quality, personalised service. I like to demonstrate what Telford Associates can do for them, it may be by improving the quality of their accounting records, improving their understanding of accounts and how to interpret the results, or of course, not forgetting, how to help them pay less tax.

Clients need to feel like they are special and their accountant should show a genuine interest in their business. After all as an accountant I need to understand a client’s business to be able to provide a high quality service.

Provide this level of service  and your clients will be happy and will refer you to friends, family and business contacts.

This is particularly important for my accountancy business as I don’t spend money on advertising and marketing. The vast majority of my new clients come from referrals from existing clients and business contacts.

The same principles should apply to your business, whatever you do. This is exactly what I found when I met with Chris Keel from Denton Mowers to get my chainsaw, hedge cutter and brush cutter repaired.

Chris delivered an excellent service which I was completely blown over by. He kept me completely informed of what was happening, what he needed to do and how long it would take. The machines were returned in absolutely fantastic condition. How much did it cost? Well, its not really relevant because I was completely sold on the level of service I received and I will happily recommend Chris to anyone based 100% on the level of service I received.

So if you want to win new clients focus on delivering a fantastic service, keep your clients happy and they will recommend you.


About Mark Telford

I run a small vibrant accountancy practice. We're growing rapidly by offering clients a top class personalised service. There is no one size fits all approach at Telford Associates, we provide services tailored to our clients and develop these based on our understanding of their business and their personal needs and aspirations. We stay in regular contact with our clients all through the year, not just popping up at the year end to complete the accounts and tax returns. If you're fed up with a poor service or high fees from your accountant, who never returns e-mails or phone calls, please get in touch. I'm confident we can provide you with the service you deserve.
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