Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

Christmas already!

No, you’re quite right we’re nowhere near Christmas, it not even the middle of November so put those decorations and that tree back in the loft.

This is an accountancy blog

You’re quite right.

Ok, but there is a serious point here. Most people (if they’re lucky) only get to see Father Christmas once a year, the same thing can be said of a lot of people’s accountant. They pitch up once a year to run through the accounts and have a brief discussion on how business is going and that’s it until next year.

I don’t see my accountant

Many accountants request information which is then posted to them, they post accountants back for signing and file the accounts when they’re returned signed, no physical contact required. Great service eh?

No, it’s crap.

I see my accountant every day

Ok this would be a bit extreme and I would suggest you or he/she may have a problem if this is the case. You should however have the type of relationship with your accountant where you feel as though you could call him or her everyday and they’d be happy to hear from you.

How much will that cost?

It shouldn’t cost anything, provided its a quick chat or exchange of e-mails that doesn’t require too much additional work. This type of service should be factored in to the fixed rate fee structure you have agreed with your accountant and pay for in monthly instalments.

That way you’ll be happy as you’re getting the service you want and your accountant should be happy as they’re getting paid every month.

What, your accountant doesn’t offer fixed fees?!

Well they should, if you know the type of service you need and they are happy to provide it, get them to quote a fixed fee and pay for it monthly. This way if there are any issues affecting you or the business they can be dealt with promptly.

Keep in touch with your accountant throughout the year

All too often businesses get into financial difficulty in the middle of the financial year and the accountant doesn’t find out until after the year end when they produce the accounts. By this time its often too late.

So agree fix fees and stay in touch!

Merry Christmas!


About Mark Telford

I run a small vibrant accountancy practice. We're growing rapidly by offering clients a top class personalised service. There is no one size fits all approach at Telford Associates, we provide services tailored to our clients and develop these based on our understanding of their business and their personal needs and aspirations. We stay in regular contact with our clients all through the year, not just popping up at the year end to complete the accounts and tax returns. If you're fed up with a poor service or high fees from your accountant, who never returns e-mails or phone calls, please get in touch. I'm confident we can provide you with the service you deserve.
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