Good weekend?

Ok, another weekend draws to an end. Good weather, plenty of time with the family, a few hours gardening and some work.

Yes, work, even though it’s the weekend there’s still plenty to do. Whether that’s planning for the busy week ahead, catching up on a job I meant to finish last week or meeting a client.

This afternoon it was a catch up with a client who doesn’t have time to see me in the week, unless he wants to lose money, so I’m very happy to see him at the weekend. He appreciates it, but then I’m working on my business, demonstrating that I will go a little further and fit it with his business.

Tomorrow getting up to speed with several clients and then a trip up to Middlesbrough to spend a couple of days with a client whose business is growing rapidly. We just need to make sure the processes and controls are in place to make sure the growth is controlled and doesn’t get out of hand. I really enjoy this work which utilises my Finance Director skills and experience .

So yes, I had a good weekend, hope everyone else did.


About Mark Telford

I run a small vibrant accountancy practice. We're growing rapidly by offering clients a top class personalised service. There is no one size fits all approach at Telford Associates, we provide services tailored to our clients and develop these based on our understanding of their business and their personal needs and aspirations. We stay in regular contact with our clients all through the year, not just popping up at the year end to complete the accounts and tax returns. If you're fed up with a poor service or high fees from your accountant, who never returns e-mails or phone calls, please get in touch. I'm confident we can provide you with the service you deserve.
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